PiC update: new projects, new team members, new video!

I’m beginning to get a feel for the rhythm of startup life. At first, when it’s all about creating a new piece of technology, your daily work is wonderfully calm, but tinged with the worry that no one will ever buy what you’re building.

But then, if you’ve built something good, something that genuinely solves big problems, your work starts to change. The doubt disappears, but so does the calm. Both are replaced by the rush to make clients happy and to ensure that your technology progresses in a way that will keep them happy.

Of all the different startups I’m involved with, the latest to undergo this transition is PiC. Fortunately, under Henry Morris’s steady hand, it’s going smoothly. The company has just hired Sean Blair to help look after clients and he’s already making a real difference — after just two weeks in the business.

In fact, Sean has helped to create a new video about PiC, which does an amazing job of explaining what the company is all about.

Finally, in addition to its core work, PiC has also managed to soft-launch its scalable recruitment tool, which we’re calling Rep. This is a massive achievement by a very small team (notably our talented developer, Harry Vane), built with the help of sponsorship from UBS, and I can’t wait to see it grow once it has launched fully.

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