Hello progress, hello XPRIZE

Children in Africa learning from tablet PCs

XPRIZE will reward inventors who can improve global learning and literacy

I woke up this morning and started a brand new project in an entirely different area of technology. That’s a thrill in its own right, and I haven’t even got to the good part yet…

I’m honoured to be working with the XPRIZE Foundation — a non-profit organisation that has helped to facilitate major tech accomplishments through the original Ansari XPRIZE for suborbital space flight, the ongoing Google Lunar XPRIZE to land a robot on the moon, the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup XCHALLENGE and many other highly incentivised, highly leveraged competitions.

I’ll be doing a part-time role, helping to encourage more universities, companies and other teams on this side of the Atlantic to enter for XPRIZEs — not least upcoming prizes in learning and adult literacy.

Meanwhile, nothing is going to change with my role at GameBench. I’ll also remain good friends with Yota Devices, but I’ll be scaling back that work as the company rightly shifts its focus away from Europe (where it has now completed all YotaPhone 2 launches) and towards the US and China. (Check out Yota’s US Indiegogo page if you haven’t already.)

Finally, if you’re a journalist or anyone else interested in XPRIZE, I will now be your go-to person in the UK, so feel free to get in touch via the contact details right at the bottom of this page.

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