Who’s to blame when an Android game runs slowly or murders your battery?

GameBench screenshot showing how Asphalt 7 performs on the Nexus 5

GameBench screenshot showing how Asphalt 7 performs on the Nexus 5 (hint: good frame rates, terrible battery life!)

I’ve just posted a guest blog over at Testroid, about the importance of testing for real-world performance and battery life — especially when you’re trying to figure out what sort of Android device should be able handle what sort of games.

Pricing, spec sheets and synthetic benchmarks can’t really solve this: a cheaper device will often play some games more fluidly than an expensive one, while a phone with a top-end, AnTuTu-beloved processor won’t necessarily deliver strong battery life.

My post could serve as a primer about why GameBench exists in the first place, but it also contains some really specific news: GameBench has signed up Testdroid as a key development partner! This is a huge coup for GB, because Testdroid is already becoming a leader in its field of mobile app testing, and it could potentially bring our tools to thousands of developers. Check out my post and let me know what you think!

Testdroid guest post

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